5 Easy EVH Mistakes to Avoid


We’ve made every mistake in the book! Whether you’re a new harvester or a seasoned pro, these mistakes can happen easily to all of us. Learn about 5 easy-to-avoid mistakes harvesters often make in this 5-day course from VesselHarvest.com.

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After training several harvesters and talking with dozens of other harvesters, we found these 5 harvesting mistakes occurred the most often with all harvesters, especially new harvesters.  These are 5 of over a dozen harvesting mistakes covered in our Intro to EVH CME course.

Get access to this free 5-day mini course to learn what they are and how to avoid them. You'll get a ~5 minute video daily detailing how these mistakes happen and what to do to avoid them in the future. PLUS, get a sneak peak of our Introduction to EVH course, available for 12 hours CME credit or a Certificate of Completion.

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